what is easyDoklad


what is easyDoklad
We introduce to you easyDoklad – handy and user friendly online system for processing of business agenda designed for small and medium businesses. Its aim is to save you time, which you spend on administration, i.e. issuing and receiving of invoices, recording of receipts, cash and bank account management etc.

We will process your agenda and you can spend your saved time on your business and thus earn more money.


documents’ receipt

easyScan – documents’ receipt

There are several possibilities how to make documents’ receipt, such as by

  • taking a photo
  • scanning them
  • uploading a file to the application via web

This unique service will save you a lot of time and energy otherwise spent on retyping of invoices and receipts. Simply take a photo of your document by smartphone or scan it and easyDoklad will recognize and record all necessary data for you. Find out more here.

documents processing in system

easyDoklad recognizes each item on your document and records it correctly into the system. But if you wish to type the data manually, you can do it as well.

pairing with bank statement

Your payment can be easily paired with your expenses; all you need to do is to insert all of yours bank statements to easyDoklad.

export to the accounting system

If you need to process invoices to another system, you can export the data. This format supports Excel as well as many more other systems and applications.


issuing the documents

issuing of invoices

Thanks to the online system easyDoklad you can issue your invoices anywhere and anytime you want from your PC, smartphone or tablet.

sending to customer by email

You can send invoice to your business partner via email by one click only; your partner will receive email with PDF invoice as an attachment.

pairing with the bank expenses

easyDoklad pairs incoming payments with issued invoices and thank to this you have constant overview of paid and unpaid invoices. All you need to do is to put all your bank statements to easyDoklad.

export to the accounting systems

If you need to process invoices in another system, you can export the data. This format supports Excel as well as many more other systems and applications.


another features
regular invoicing

If you issue the same invoices regularly, you do not have to create and send them each time; easyDoklad will create and send them automatically after setting it up.

invoicing abroad

Issue you invoice comfortably also to your foreign customer thanks to support of all foreign currencies and languages.

overview of the paid and unpaid invoices

Thanks to the pairing with bank statements you have constant overview of paid and unpaid invoices.

overview of costs and revenues

Thanks to a simple overview you will always have information about your actual state of costs and revenues as well as payments, which are waiting to be paid.


It is not important, if you or your business partner are VAT payers, our system will adapt according to your needs.

email template

Set up cover email to your invoice and you do not have to waste your time by writing cover emails each time.

payment via QR code

The payment of your invoice is very simple thanks to the QR code placed on it. Your business partner takes a photo of the QR code via phone and thus performs pre-set payment.


You do not have to go to post offices anymore; you can now send your invoice also on a default printer. By doing so, your partner or accountant can find your invoice in his own printer.

other features of invoicing system

To make your job easier, the invoicing system supports remembering and automatic filling-in of often used entries, discounts in percentage, inputting of scan of a signature and of a stamp, contact data of the issuer of invoice.

easier entering of suppliers and customers

You enter only a name of a company (supplier, customer) or ID and the remaining data will be filled in / loaded automatically by the system from the databases: Business register of the Slovak Republic, Trade Register of the Slovak Republic, and Tax Office of the Slovak Republic (or The Financial Authority).

bank account and cash

You do not have to wait for overview of your funds. In easyDoklad you have your money always under control. All you need to do is to record a bank account statement into the system and register cash movement, and the overview of bank and cash is available to you in no time.

tagging of invoices and receipts

Tag your invoices and receipts and in case you need them, you will find them immediately.
Examples of usage:

  • Project costs/revenues
  • Categorizing of costs/revenues
  • Tagging/reminding of documents for further processing
  • Tracking of business cases
the possibility of several users at the same time

You can add several users in easyDoklad and make your work more effective.

API connection

Thanks to API connection you can connect your e-shop or accounting system with easyDoklad and you will have your documents (invoices, receipts etc.) processed automatically.

SMS identification on entry *

The safety and protection of your data is crucial for us, therefore we implemented SMS identification in the same way as you know it from internet banking. While entering our system, you will receive confirmation SMS with unique code on your mobile phone and only after entering of this code you will have the entrance to easyDoklad enabled.
* This feature will be available as of at 1st March 2014.

data protection

Except of SMS identification on entry, your data are of course protected also by encrypted transmission and regularly backed up on our servers.

automatic updates

There is no need to install or update anything, application runs in browser and is always up to date (legislative and feature enhancements are automatic).
We support all the main internet browsers on all OS (Windows, MAC and Linux).