This unique service will save you a lot of time and energy otherwise spent on retyping of invoices and receipts. Simply take a photo of your document with smartphone or scan it and easyDoklad will recognize and record data for you. You do not have to retype the data manually, the information are already processed in the system, ready to be exported in Excel format to your accountant whenever needed. But if you want to type the data manually, you can do it as well.

how easyScan works

easyScan is a layered system, which uses optical recognition of characters placed on a document

it analyses, which signs and parts of text correspond to the data about customer, supplier, price, date, product, service etc.

easyScan recognizes the text on the document in various languages (SK, CZ, DE, EN), so you can use it also for transactions abroad

recognized information is registered in the easyDoklad system within next 24 hours (working days), hence it removes manual documents retyping

user can check the recorded data from documents and in needed, he can make changes, notes, tags or other actions

if necessary, the document can be marked for revision by one of our technicians

all existing expenses are paired in the system with payment from the bank account so that you have constant overview about the state of your finances

if needed, you can export data to the accounting system, which will book them
Documents are scanned in various lighting conditions, at different angles, with various focus, and there are no exact standards of how the text has to be organized on documents. easyScan has to take into account all this specifications when recognizing the information, which makes him unique in this way.

We believe that this special feature will save you a lot of time, which you can rather devote to your business.