Tanya plibersek

Tanya plibersek

We’re making progress.

We’ve been working on the engine since about October, and at this point, it’s sh바카라owing pretty decent speed. We’ve been getting around 200,000 hits daily to our own site on our own site for now. That’s pretty good.

Wha바카라 게임t’s the next step on your mind?

It seems like I’ve been getting way more requests from our users and sites to add an animated GIF. We’ve been working really hard at this, and finally, at last, we’re about ready to take it up the road. We’re looking for a team. One of our animators (Chris) is the right guy for the job and will make it happen.

So you’re leaving?

Yes. We need people to do all o라이브 바카라f our work on our site!

That’s great news. I hope you guys will join me.