Liberal candidate caroline currie seat of whitlam resigns

Liberal candidate caroline currie seat of whitlam resigns

Tory MP Craig Mackay announces is resigning after a row over claims he did not disclose family business interests in 2011.

The party said it was disappointed to hear from Mr Mackay, but hoped he would move on with his life.

Mr Mackay was forced to withdraw from the contest after being suspended following a row with a colleague about a £6,000 payment he said he had made to his boss and wife.

However, he was forced to back down after he was confronted at the Liberal party conference, in London.

He revealed he had a business company in England with a registered company number, but claimed he had not broken any rules and had only revealed his identity.

He had not declared the £5,000 payment as his business, and had not disclosed a legal interest.

But last night Mr Mackay said he had been “inappropriately influenced” by the scandal, and had “never, ever been anything other than a committed liberal”.

He had also apologised for any inconvenience to others in his community who might have been offended.

The MP admitted he had made “contrary assertions in the past”, but said they were all “notable inaccuracies”.

Speaking on Sky News, he admitted that he had been out for Christmas parties where he was known to invite a number of people from “other” backgrounds.

The Lib Dem candidate said the MP’s father was a “bizarre individual” and there were suggestions his wife had paid for dinner at his restaurant in the years before they married in 2004.

He told the BBC: “It’s embarrassing, because he was trying to look after my community in South Wales.

“There are a number of reasons for that. We all have different backgrounds and personal experiences. I hope to keep my community from ever becoming another Westminster constituency.”

In a statement released by the party, Mr Mackay said: “As soon as the issues of Mr Craig Mackay became known to the press, he resigned from consideration.

“It is in the best interests of my wife and children to keep the focus on my own personal life.”

Mr Mackay said the MP had been a long-standing member of his constituency and he had “never, ever been anything other than a committed liberal”.

He said: “I 우리카지노am extremely disappointed about this latest episode which happened after eight months and the time I spent with my constituents.

“I hav